Mission Statement

We want your children to develop a long-lasting love of learning. Playing, discovering and experimenting will be at the heart of your child’s education. Throughout the years, we will encourage respect, thoughtfulness, and consideration to one another, while they will take their first steps on the road to true bilingualism.


We believe that attending nursery is one of the most important events in a child’s life, as well as for its parents. Our aim first and foremost is to provide your child with a happy, loving and secure environment in which he or she can learn, develop and flourish at his, or her, own pace.

Little Agnes Nursery will create a nurturing environment for the children, parents and team alike. Our highly experienced team is passionate and share our values and ethos.

We are proud to offer quality childcare in two languages English and French, as we are strong believers in dual-language immersion at an early age. In the 21st century, bilingualism is not an option any more. Not only is acquiring additional languages an advantage in the modern world, it also has benefits in the development of a child’s brain.