What age do you take children from? We welcome children from 3 months to 5 years.

Can children start at any age? Your child can join Little Agnes at any time during the year if places are available. Please note that places in older groups are generally filled by babies who have attended Little Agnes Nursery in the previous months and years.

How do I sign up for Little Agnes Nursery?
Please contact us to arrange a visit during day-time.

What qualifications do your staff have?
Staff qualifications range from Qualified Teacher Status, Early Years Professional Status and Montessori Teacher to the more caring based qualifications. Our main bulk of staff have a NVQ Level 3 in Childcare.

Have you been inspected by Ofsted? Ofsted visited our premises before opening and will conduct a formal inspection in the coming months. You will be able to access the report on our website.

How much does it cost? Please contact us to discuss fees.

Do you have any outdoor space on site? There is no adjacent outdoor space but a private courtyard from the nursery is leading to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and the site has also easy access to many green spaces that we will use daily. (See map)

Do you have a waiting list? We do have a waiting list for children who are under 3 months old and those for which we could not offer a place. Each year group will have a separate waiting list on a first-arrived first-served basis.

If your child is under 3 months old and you wish to go on the waiting list please contact us.

Can my child start at any time during the year? Yes your child can start at anytime during the year.  If places are still available we will offer them to parents on the waiting list first.

Can I choose the day when my child starts attending the nursery? We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please note that we want to make sure that all new children are given proper attention. Therefore we will limit their number at any given time and your child may not be able to join us at the exact date you wish to. Please get in touch with the manager should any problem arise.

Could you explain how the settling in process takes place ? We offer two consecutive days for settling in, consisting of two-hour sessions. During this time, you will get to meet your child’s keyworker and the rest of the team; both you and the key worker will go over the daily routine where you will be able to discuss in depth your child’s needs, sleeping patterns, dietary needs (i.e. allergies) and anything specific to your child’s requirements. Additionally, when the weather permits it, you will be able to accompany your child alongside the staff and rest of the nursery children on a outdoor activity/ trip or walk. This will give the child the opportunity to get familiar with the teachers and the children.

When do my child move up to the next class? The change of class is made according to the movement in the other groups. We look at the ages of the children during the year, and then can see what age range each class will have. Sometimes children move up together a class, but sometimes they will have two years in the same room – it depends on the overall age profile of the children in the nursery.

Do you accept children who do not speak English and /or French? We accept children who do not speak English and/or French. Whatever the family’s circumstances we will forge a partnership with you to make sure your child adapts well to his/her new environment. We will need as much information as possible about your child and his / her routines at home.

It is very important for us to understand your child in order to help him to get more familiar with new people and new words. Knowing a few words from your mother tongue will be invaluable in case your child faces difficulties.

You child may not speak French or English immediately but he / she will understand much more quickly. Each child learns at their own pace and therefore we will adapt to them. There is no deadline to speak a language. We are not saying all children will be perfectly bilingual but when they leave Little Agnes at 5 they will be perfectly fluent and understand all conversations that are age-appropriate.