Miss Pati (Nursery and Pre-School Manager)

Our manager Patrycja holds a Bachelor in Early Childhood Studies at Roehampton University.

She has accumulated nearly 10 years of experience in childcare including 5 years at management level.

Patrycja comes originally from Poland but grew up in Greece and lived for some time in Australia. Thanks to her true multicultural and multilingual background, she speaks fluent Greek and German in addition to her native Polish and of course English. She is a strong believer of the benefits of an early immersion in a bilingual environment.

Patrycja has a passion for children’s education, seeing their development, and supporting them throughout the nursery journey. she is convinced that children learn best through play and through using natural resources, loose parts or play with what they already know, for example: cooking activities, dressing up, learning walks in the park, etc

Miss Fateha (Deputy Manager):

Fateha has worked in Childcare for 8 years with experience as a Deputy Manager and a baby room leader.

She has also previously worked as a volunteer at a Youth Club with children and young teens.

Fateha is trained in Makaton Sign Language and she is passionate about teaching babies and young children to communicate their needs effectively from an early stage, helping them to gain confidence with speech and build and maintain healthy relationships and attachments. 

She is bilingual.

Our team is composed of qualified practitioners as well as French native speaking educators

A number of external practitioners are regularly coming to the nursery for workshops (dance therapy, ballet dancing, yoga,...)