Little Agnes Nursery welcomes children from 3 months to 5 years old.

We are open 50 weeks a year, from 8am to 6PM and we will try to give you as much flexibility as we can to meet your family’s needs.

Early drop-off and late collection need to be discussed and pre-agreed with the manager.

Little Agnes Nursery is organised in three classrooms corresponding to the age profile of the children :

- 3 to 27 months old : Little Explorers

- 27 months to 3 years old : Owls

- 3 to 5 years old : Eagles

Each space is divided in various activities zones where children are free to move about under the careful supervision of or staff. If we favour self exploration, times dedicated to specific stimulating group activities will be clearly set in the children’s routine such as action songs and group singing, expressive art and drama, story-telling times (all alternatively in English and French) outdoor walk, sleep time and of course meals & snacks. For pre-school children, activities will include letters and phonics, science, and numbers.

Children will be encouraged and led by teachers to plant their own flowerpots indoors and will have the opportunity to plant a few vegetables – depending on the season.

We also aim to incorporate butterfly gardening within our nursery. This can be done within the classroom, allowing the children to take care of live butterflies as they experience metamorphosis. Children are able to witness how butterflies transform from caterpillars into their cocoons (to chrysalides) and slowly emerge into butterflies. This creates a fun, educational experience for the children in and outside the nursery, as once the metamorphosis is complete, the children are able to free the butterflies into the outdoors.

Many of our teachers are themselves parents and we understand that often babies and toddlers require different care and activities, as well as sleep, cuddles  & nappy changes.